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I finally got my copies of Yama-chan's new single. Its awesome and the songs play on repeat in my ipod currently. This is just too cool ^_^


I also managed to figure out the puzzle behind each cover ^_^

                                20130121_204700   20130121_20475320130121_20493120130121_204840

This is so much fun. I still can't figure out my fave song yet. I like them all too much to choose.

Flawless Performance

Midnight Train performed by JUMP Band is my favorite song from the 2011 Summary in Dome DVD.

This song is flawless. Takaki's voice blends so well with Yabu's voice.

I loved it so much i converted it into mp3 format to play on repeat in my ipod.

Here is the download link for whoever who wants to listen to it ^_^


Summary 2011 in Tokyo Dome

YAY!!!! YATTA!!! My Summary DVD finally arrived and I just finished watching it just now. I love love love yama-chan's photocard that came with the first press edition ^_^ 

After watching the DVD, my first thought was Ehhhhh??? I was kinda lost since I also have the 2010 Summary DVD version and the two versions are soo different. The 2010 one have a circus feel to it and more of the JUMP member's up close shots of their facial expressions while performing. It makes the audience feel more intimate.

However the 2011 version have mostly far off shots that you cannot clearly see the member's expressions. I was really disappointed with the editor and cameraman. Especially yama-chan's performance of Hitomi no Screen, the camera angle was always long off shots for most part of the performance that I could not see the dance and his facial expressions clearly.

Not to say I did not enjoy the DVD, but I would rather call it a concert instead of Summary. Other than the camera angles, I really have no complaints on the DVD. On the whole I am quite happy I bought it. Since attending one of JUMP's shows live is really gonna be difficult for me, money and time wise, I will have to rely on watching DVDs to see my favorite group perform ^_^

Maeda Atsuko HQ pic

I finally gotten around to scanning the photo i received from CD Japan when i purchase Aachan's single "Flower" 

the songs are wonderful and this photo makes a nice wallpaper. Click on the link if you want to download it ^_^


StarTime Marching J Remake Version

After searching high and low for a version of Star Time sung by Hey! Say! Jump without any screaming fans in the background i finally found out they recently release a remake version for the Marching J special movie. I managed to find a copy of the video which i converted to mp3. Its wonderful to be able to listen to the song without fans screaming in the background. I am not the owner of the original video and neither am i going to upload the video since its originally made for charity. But if you want the mp3 version of it you can click on the link below


Finally Back to Civilisation

At long last after waiting for more than 6 months I managed to get good internet connection back up again in my new place. Before this using broadband was like killing me^_^ Anyhow my copies of Over single LE1 and RE has arrived. I can't stop listening to the songs and the album covers are real nice. Once I have time to scan them hopefully I will be able to upload them and the songs too ^_^. 

In the next 2 weeks I will be having my Japanese class oral and written exam :( damm its getting harder and harder now with the grammars too. Hopefully I will pass without much trouble. Maybe after the exam is over I will be able to relax a bit and update more often ^_^

Yama chan in Tensai Shimura Doubutsuen

 Yay its the 15th of Dec and the new HSJ single is coming out today. I can't wait to receive my copy. Plus CDJapan emailed me 2 days ago to mention they already mailed it out. Now i am getting more excited about it. Hehehe 

Also recently Yama chan appeared in Tensai Shimura Doubutsuen as guest. I found HQ and HD videos available for download but too bad my lousy pc can't seem to play those videos. So i went in search for Medium Quality instead. Found it finally but its in FLV format and Mac does not have pirated converters. But if use Real Player or VLC can still watch ^_^

I have uploaded it for those who are interested:

Click here for an estatic Yama chanCollapse )

Well thats it i guess. Going off to count the days till my LE single arrive ^_^

Hey! Say! 2010 Ten Jump Dvd Scans

The good news is finally i come around to scanning the cover and booklet. The bad news is i m only halfway done with the booklet. Looks like i need to save the other half to scan another time. Wow sometimes i am amaze by how lazy i can be ^_^

Read more...Collapse )

Jump No.1 Limited Edition Booklet Scans

At long last i managed to make myself scan the booklet from this album. The pics are all really lovely.

If anyone wants to download, here is the link:  http://www.megaupload.com/?d=IFNX5OL7

As for album review, the songs that are currently on replay on my ipod woud be Shinku, Time, Score and Ganbaretsugo. These four songs are my fave in the whole album. Of course all the other songs are nice too. The album was really worth the money i spent on it and its wonderful.

See if i can find time to upload the songs as well. ^_^



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